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We help Secure Homes

If you think a simple intrusion alarm system keeps your home safe, then you are mistaken. If you are looking to secure your home effectively, you need a system that will protect your home not just from intruders, but from other threats like fire, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, water, etc. We at SHS Power have all that you need to provide comprehensive protection to your home and your family. 

We are experienced in integrating security systems with automation. With automation, you have control of your home security system in the palm of your hand. One of the major benefits of integration with automation is that you can always have an eye on your home and you can get critica information while you need it or when you are on the go.

We have been installing fully integrated home security systems for years and we have seen how beneficial they are to keep you in control of your home security system from anywhere. Our state of the art system ensures that you are always connected to your home and allows you to have remote access to any activity inside or outside your home. We need not stress the importance of real time monitoring when it come to security and it is about time that we protect our homes better.

How do we help protect your home?

From surveillance cameras to intrusion systems, we have everything that you need to make your home a safe haven. We create customized security solutions for your home based on your requirements and implement them with due diligence.

Our alarm systems can be connected to an existing automation system, which gives you the option to use the same interface that you use for your other home automations such as lights, audio-visual equipment, etc. Using the control panel, you can check if your doors and windows are open or closed and also arm or disarm your alarm system.

We offer multiple surveillance camera options that are integrated into your automation system. Be in one or multiple cameras, you can watch live footage from the security cameras in your home through your touchscreen panel or a linked smart device app. 

Better Home Security means Lower Risk of Home Threats

Your home is probably one of your biggest investments and it is always better to protect it to the maximum. Help us secure your home by contacting us at

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