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Residential Solar and Batteries

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Energy Management

We at SHS Power believe that every smart home needs to have Smart Energy Management. We have revolutionary energy automation systems that help you to power your home in an energy and cost efficient manner – using clean energy. Our intelligent clean energy management system is designed to work with your home automation systems giving you the option to manage clean energy generation and storage as an all-in-one system.

By using advanced technology we can maximize clean energy production while managing your home’s energy usage best suited to your lifestyle. There are many ways in which this system allows you to save clean energy, such as

  • Automatically raising the temperature of the thermostat in your home when you are not around, thereby saving energy
  • Lowering the shades in your home when it is hot outside or during the day to help cool your home and reducing energy spent
  • Using the clean stored energy to power the lights in the night, thereby reducing your dependency on the power grid
  • Cool your home to a lower temperature in the afternoon when there is abundant solar energy and reduce energy consumption in the night when energy is most expensive

There are a lot more ways in which you can customize your smart energy management system to help you reduce your carbon footprint and above all your energy costs. 

Control what happens when your home loses power

Our system has an intelligent power storage system that can provide power to your home when there is a blackout. If you lose power to your home, this storage system unit gets in on the action to take control of your home’s power. 

What makes this system so effective and intelligent is that it has controllable circuit breakers which allows you to choose the circuits that you want to power with the storage system. In situations where there is a power outage for longer periods, this system allows you to extend the back up time by feeding power to only the circuits that are most essential in that situation.

Our Smart Energy Management System also has smart weather monitoring which can alert you of potential power outages that might occur due to weather.

It’s time you joined the Green Energy Revolution

It is important to try and switch to green energy as soon as possible if we care about the future generations.

Help us make you get the most out of your green energy system by contacting us at

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