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Entire EV Car Charger and Installation Qualify for a 30% Tax Credit.
Some of our customers are taking advantage of this and installing two chargers in their garages.


EV Car Charging

SHS Power specializes in EV Car
Charger installation s In San Diego County.

The idea of waking up to a fully charged EV car is electrifying! Upgrade to a level 2 car charger and turn on Rapid Charge. Charge 10x faster than a level 1 Charger.

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Simply come home and automatically charge your car during off peak hours. SHS Power will consult and design the best EV Charging solution for your car and house.

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At SHS Power we are not your typical electrical company. We specialize and truly engine everything EV. Licensed and Insured and committed to the quality of our work. The car chargers we stock come pre configured with an internal GFCI. If the one you provide doesn’t have one we will need to install a GFCI breaker by code.

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Already have a Charger?

If you already have a level 2 charger that is perfectly fine. We’ll install it. If you don’t, we stock the top rated charger available today.

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Home charging solutions
for all EV Types:

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We specialize in townhomes, condos, single family, multi family, and commercial EV. installations.

All of our residential level 2 charging systems are 240 volts and fluctuate in Charging AMPs depending on how fast you want to charge.

40 AMP Level 2 Rapid Charger: If you have some extra time or don’t have that long of a commute a 40 AMP charger works for a lot of people. For an extra 10% in installation cost you can jump up to 20% more power with a 50 AMP charger.

50 AMP Level 2 Rapid Charger: a 50 amp charger will get you about 37 miles per house. Most of our customers opt in for this amperage. If you drain your battery to zero the 6 hours you get in low peak rates will bring you back to 100%. We typically recommend people opt in for a 50 amp charger.

80 AMP Level 2 Rapid Charger: If you are thinking about a truck or have a car that can take a full 80 AMPs of power then you may want to look at 80 AMP chargers. These systems may take some extra material and modifications to your current electrical system but once it’s done you’ll have one fast home charger. Roughly 60 miles per hour.

Added Features:

Automate time of use: Only charge when you are buying electricity at 10 cents a kilowatt. Don’t know how to get on an EV charging plan? Ask us

Load balancing: Want to have a second charger but cannot pull more than 100 AMPs at one time? Our car chargers will load balance so when both cars are plugged in charging is split between the two cars. When one is unplugged the car being charged get max charging amps.

WIFI Connectivity: Remotely manage your charger and in case you need to override time of use charging you can from your phone. Also if you are a data geek you can deep dive head first into a plethora of data points.

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