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Home Entertainment System Re-defined

Home Entertainment Systems have undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. One such major development has been in the way you control your home entertainment system. You can now control all audio-visual systems in your home from one place. Your cable boxes, Blu-ray player, audio systems, media components and other home entertainment systems across your home can all be controlled centrally.

Every audio-video component present in your house can be networked and controlled through any hand-held remote of your choice like a smartphone, tablets, touch panel or an Wi-Fi enabled device. This gives you great convenience and simplicity and we at SHS Power can make this a reality for you.

Advantages of Whole-Home Audio

Gone are the days when you had to listen to music in a room that has your audio system. Whole-Home Audio gives you the option to have Hi-Fi Music in every room of your home. The system is so very convenient and simple that by using an accessible control panel, you can gain access to and control your home’s audio entertainment system from any room in your home. If you use invisible in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, you don't need to have additional space for your speakers and also it greatly helps in design aesthetics.

Advantages of Whole-Home Video

If you have a Whole-Home audio-visual distribution system, it will allow you to access your favorite sport, movie or TV content from every TV in your home. Usually, every TV has a cable box, Blu-Ray Player or any other media streaming component next to it and it can take up space, but with a centralized system, all of this is present at one spot. The video and audio signal is sent to the different displays in your home. This allows you to have just one cable box or streaming component for the entire home. Whatever you want to watch can be displayed in any of the displays in your home. Moreover, the signal can be sent to multiple displays at the same time. An advantage that helps you to have greater control over your home entertainment system.

Help us change the way you Entertain and Relax at Home

We at SHS Technologies are specialized in providing the perfect home entertainment system for your home in San Diego. So, don’t wait to get yourself the latest and most efficient way to keep you entertained at home.

Contact us as and enjoy high quality entertainment at your home.

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