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Commercial Solar and Batteries

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Energy Management

Thanks to our partnership with Sonnen, you can now rely on solar energy to power your smart home.

Sonnen offers a revolutionary energy automation solution, ecoLinx. This all-in-one, intelligent, clean energy management and storage system works seamlessly with your home automation system to power your home in the cleanest, most energy- and cost-efficient way possible.

EcoLinx is the first intelligent energy management system that merges clean energy generation and storage with home automation to create energy automation. It’s a sleek, all-in-one system that works with leading front-end home automation systems and controllable circuit breakers to fully manage your home’s energy usage.

Using the most advanced technology, ecoLinx fully manages and maximizes your home’s clean energy usage. It adapts your home’s energy usage to your lifestyle, balancing the energy you need throughout the day with the clean energy that you have available for the most energy-efficient home possible.

This system’s energy-saving practices include:

  • Lowering your shades during the day to keep your home cooler and your HVAC system from working harder
  • Raising your thermostat’s temperature a few degrees while you’re not home for ultimate energy savings
  • Precooling your home in the afternoon while it has abundant access to solar energy rather than at night during peak hours when energy is most expensive
  • Using stored energy to power key nighttime loads to reduce grid dependency and your carbon footprint
  • … And so much more!

Take Power to Avoid Losing Power

In addition to energy management, ecoLinx is an intelligent energy storage system that’s capable of providing you with backup power during an outage. If your home loses power, this unit will kick in and take control.

What’s special about this system is that it’s designed with controllable circuit breakers. So, unlike a generator, which is a brute force device that feeds a subpanel with predefined circuits, this system allows you to pick and choose what circuits you want to be associated with the backup battery. So, even in the middle of a power outage, you have the ability to choose what gets power and for how long. Plus, you can change where to feed power—depending on your needs.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Not only does ecoLinx serve as a backup battery system, it also uses smart weather monitoring to alert you before a power outage.

Ready to Join the Revolution?

Get the most out of your home solar and batteries system with ecoLinx.

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